Flux æterna (2014), for Internet

Ajouter Photo représentative

Flux Æterna is a musical composition for Internet. It comes in the form of an endless audio stream. Listening conditions of Flux Æterna are similar to those of a web radio. But here, the user can influence the contents of this work by providing his own sound files.

The work is broadcast continuously since July 2014, first by a server hosted at the University of Saint-Etienne, then, since 2020, it is hosted by France Musique.

The composition of Flux Æterna is a technical set including:

1 : The website to connect to the stream, to upload sound files and to find information about the work.


2 : The score, written in the form of a software made in MaxMSP. It is a software which reads and converts the sounds arriving at the server, according to different methods of deterministic or stochastic type. A transcription, in musical notation, describes in detail the functioning of the system.

3: The audio stream (Écoutez le flux), is published on the Internet through a server broadcasting in binaural format.

Flux æterna, graphical score with technical instructions [AJOUTER FLUX_score.pdf]


Paris, Maison de la Radio, 22nd floor, Exhibition Flux æterna, February 2020, Festival Présences [link]

Lyon, Art Gallery Attrape Couleurs,  Exibition Unlimited, March-May 2015 [link]

Lyon, les Subsistances, Mirage Festival, Exhibition Net Sounds [link]