Toucher (2009), for thereminvox, computer and spatialization dispositif in 6 channels.

Duration : 11' approx. First public performance by Claudio Bettinelli on August 13, 2009 in Les Echelles (73), during the Festival Les Nuits d'été

The theremin is a magical instrument. Invented in the 1920's by the Russian Leon Theremin, it is composed of two antennas that capture the movement of bodies around them. The interference thus generated produces and modifies the pitch and intensity of a characteristic electronic sound.

In Toucher, the theremin - and thus the gestures captured by it - is connected to the computer, so as to produce, control, modulate, etc. a sound universe much larger than its own.

I enjoyed exploring the articulation between instrument, material and performer in a context where these three categories are completely dissociated, which is the most remarkable characteristic of "new lutheries".

The work is indebted to Claudio Bettinelli who, with his talent and availability, made it possible. It is dedicated to him.