Cielo Vivo (2006), eight channels acousmatic music

First performance at the Maison de Radio France on May 20, 2006. Commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture – GRM

Cielo vivo (living sky) is inspired by some verses of F. Garcia Lorca which are in the collection “Poet in New York”. Two lines in particular can summarize my approach in this piece: “there all the forms keep intertwined/a unique frenetic expression of advance”. The piece is based on an (obvious) work of phase shifts in a pulsation subjected to slight variations of speed, the “pulsed” sounds being themselves in constant evolution in their timbre, form, pitch or spatial location. This constitutes a polyphonic texture that is apparently stable but always moving. Some figures playing on the ambiguity in the recognition of sounds (voice? noise? instruments?) punctuate the piece.