Cielo Vivo (2006), eight channels acousmatic music

First performance at the Maison de Radio France on May 20, 2006. Commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture – GRM

Cielo vivo (living sky) is inspired by some verses of F. Garcia Lorca which are in the collection « Poet in New York ». Two lines in particular can summarize my approach in this piece: « there all the forms keep intertwined/a unique frenetic expression of advance ». The piece is based on an (obvious) work of phase shifts in a pulsation subjected to slight variations of speed, the « pulsed » sounds being themselves in constant evolution in their timbre, form, pitch or spatial location. This constitutes a polyphonic texture that is apparently stable but always moving. Some figures playing on the ambiguity in the recognition of sounds (voice? noise? instruments?) punctuate the piece.